Engine Leasing
Engine Leasing

Engine Leasing

Beautech supports all types of engine lease requirements. We can help you in every scenario, from short-term to long-term engine needs, fleet support and planning assistance, to full sale and leaseback transactions, we do it all.

Engine Leasing vs Buying vs RepairWhat you need to know

The lease versus buy decision will depend on your business needs. Here are a few things you should consider…

Traditional Spare Engine Support

Leasing an engine is a great way to keep your aircraft flying while your engines are due for a Shop Visit and subsequent repair at an MRO shop. There is no heavy upfront investment required, and you do not have to deal with residual value risks while maintaining aircraft utilization targets.

Saving Repair Cost

Operating a leased engine, instead of your own, can save you millions in repair cost – depending on your aircraft lease return conditions. Many airlines park their own engines at the end of the lease term to comply with the minimum return conditions, avoiding additional Performance Restoration (PR) or Life-Limited Parts (LLP) change. Other airlines use spare engines to add additional life (“Green Time”) to airframes until the aircraft is ready for tear down.

Staggering shop visit timing

Engines have become very reliable and predictable over the past decades. PR and LLP shop visits, however, are required during an engines life cycle. Airlines typically ramp up their fleet quickly, giving rise to shop visits that can occur during the same time.

This leads to major shop visit peaks which can be challenging to handle from a operational and financial perspective. Operating a spare engine and parking some of your engines will help smooth shop visit schedules, providing more breathing room for unexpected events.

We support all types of typical spare engine leases and will be able to assist you in every scenario with:

  • Short Term Leases
  • Long Term Leases
  • Sale and Lease Backs
  • Finance Leases

Current Engines Available for Lease

Please review the list of our current available engine inventory. If you don’t see what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out as there is a good chance we can probably help you source the assets you need through out network.

Model ESN Location Option/QEC Availability Records
CF34-3B1 872859 Europe No Q3-2020 Download LLP Sheet
CF34-8C5 195708 U.S. No Q3-2020 Download LLP Sheet
CF34-8C5 195781 U.S. No Q3-2020 Download LLP Sheet
CF34-8E 193208 U.S. No Immediate Download LLP Sheet
CF34-8E 902502 U.S. No Immediate Download LLP Sheet
CF34-10E7 424743 U.S. Neutral Immediate Download LLP Sheet
CF34-10E5A1 994229 Europe Neutral Immediate Download LLP Sheet
CFM56-5B3/3 849240 South America Neutral Q3-2020 Download LLP Sheet
CFM56-7B 876117 U.S. Neutral Q3-2020 Download LLP Sheet
CFM56-7B 890532 U.S. Neutral Q3-2020 Download LLP Sheet

Don't see what you need?