Our Inventory

Beautech specializes in CF34 and CFM56 engine platforms and hold all model variants in our portfolio. We are constantly adjusting the number of spare engines and related parts to meet current market requirements.

Engines Available for Lease

Please review the list of our current available engine inventory below. If you don’t see what you need, don’t hesitate to reach out as there is a good chance we can probably help you source the assets you need through out network.

Model ESN Location Option Availability Records
CF34-10E5A1 994337 US Sale or Lease Q1 2020 View LLP Sheet
CF34-10E5A1 994229 Europe Sale or Lease Q1 2020 View LLP Sheet
CF34-8C5 195622 US Sale or Lease Q1 2020 View LLP Sheet
CF34-3B 872684 US Sale or Lease Immediate View LLP Sheet
Model Application Thrust
CF34-3 CRJ100/200 9,220 lbf
CF34-8C CRJ700/900/1000 13,790 – 14,500 lbf
CF34-8E E170/175 14,500 lbf
CF34-10A ARJ21 17,640 lbf
CF34-10E E190/195 20,360 lbf
Model Application Thrust
CFM56-3 B737-300/400/500 20,000 – 23,500 lbf
CFM56-5 A318/A319/320/321/340 22,000 – 34,000 lbf
CFM56-7 A318/A319/320/321/340 19,500 – 27,300 lbf

Don't see what you need?